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My Perfect Mommy - beautiful fairy tale

von Suzy Makó
72 Seiten; ab 4 Jahre
2019 Suzy Makó
ISBN 978-3-96544-715-8

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A story was full of beautiful pictures that tell the story. Read with your children the story of a perfect mom and her daughter, Amanda.Amanda loves beautiful dresses and dressing up. Her mother is nice and she cares well about her daughter. The story is designed for children, toddlers, girls, kids and talks about a girl named Amanda who does not listen to her mother and she catch flu. How can she feel better and be healthy? Will her mommy help her feel health again? Why she did not listen to her mother?

I´m several years in touch with children´s education. My studies at college were focused on pedagogy for children in early school age. I love create illustrated books for them to improve their love for study. I was worked many years as teacher in kindergarten. Also I love fitness and health life style. I´m also certified yoga teacher and with passion for it. During college I also studied the behavior of adolescent children and teenagers. In my spare time, I'm studying a healthy lifestyle. I also love graphic design and drawing. With our team we development of ios mobile apps and educational games for children. I work inside our team as main graphic designer. I also create a website focusing on a sleek and beautiful design. Acquired learning helps me create creative ideas, with the emphasis on guiding readers to a wider extent.